1227 North Market in Old North St. Louis Under Rehab

1227 North Market in Old North St. Louis Under Rehab

1227 North Market in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood is under rehab. The rehabber is Matt Fernandez, a member of the organization City Affair (curators of this blog).

Below is a recent photograph of construction work on the building:

And here is a before shot courtesy of Geo St. Louis:

For quite a while, the structure was free of a facade, thanks to Matt’s restoration work which has had the facade relaid. Though he rehabs his lovely Old North abode with whatever spare time he has, by day, Matt works as Community Development Specialist at Old North St. Louis Restoration Group. His strong commitment to the neighborhood shows both professionally and personally.

(DISCLAIMER: This post was not written by Matt himself. We promise.)

Click here for a map of the area.


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