New Retail Building Coming to Carondelet Area

This vacant lot at 7700 S. Broadway will soon be improved with a $550,000 retail building. Owner 7700 S. Broadway LLC, c/o Stein’s Broadway, recently applied for the permit to begin construction. 

Click here for a map of the area. Speculations are that a Family Dollar will be operating at the site. A permit was issued on the same day, in the same amount at  2500 S. Jefferson (former Burger King site) in McKinley Heights. In the case of the Jefferson site, a Family Dollar has formally been proposed. 

Here’s a photo of that site:

And a rendering of the Family Dollar from the Preservation Board’s November 2011 agenda:

Similar review was not necessary in Carondelet (technically speaking, this is the Patch neighborhood) since it is not a Local Historic District like McKinley Heights.