Midtown Residential Project The Standard Gets Revised Look

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The Standard - St. Louis, MO

Already well underway at the corner of Vandeventer and Forest Park Avenues in the city’s Midtown neighborhood, The Standard has yet to settle on a final design. According to nextSTL sources, the Park Central Development Corporation is set to endorse a revised plan featuring a flat roof and a full Hardie Board facade.

Early this month, developer Sangita asked Park Central to support a revision in materials. Essentially, the revised project would have replaced the stone first floor with brick, and the upper brick floors with Hardie Board, while keeping the peaked roof. The change was meant to reduce building costs. The Standard is being developed without subsidy such as tax abatement.

The Standard - St. Louis, MO{the Vandeventer facade (Forest Park facade at top)}

The latest revision may just show that a better, more context sensitive design doesn’t require a larger investment. The flat roof building with a three-color Hardie Board facade, may not excite, but the change presents, a cleaner, more modern, and more industrial appearance.

Changes to The Standard are presumably entirely aesthetic. With the building under construction, the footprint, parking, and site plan are very unlikely to change. At a glance, it does appear that the future possibility of converting first floor space to retail may have been eliminated, a choice that seems shortsighted with the coming Ikea, Midtown Station, and other significant developments nearby.

The Standard - St. Louis, MO{a closer look at the Forest Park facade at Vandeventer}

The Standard will offer approximately 400 parking spaces in a structured garage wrapped by the residential building. Access will be from the existing alley on the north side of the site. Marketing primarily to students, amenities will include study rooms and social spaces. The property will feature several five bedroom units.

The Standard - St. Louis, MO

Read the full nextSTL story from February 2014

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  • John

    Future retail should have been a requirement to get approval. They should have to do it, period.

    • STLEnginerd

      Agree, lack of ground floor retail is the most troubling part of this design. Even If it was just a couple corner shops I’d be all in. My first choice would be a Kaldi’s considering their roasting facility will now be two block away.

      I am fine with the Hardie board. This place was never going to be of cutting edge design at least now it’s more honest to the name. They build like this in other hotter markets all the time and the usually look very nice if a little plain after its all said and done. Not every project has to be game changing. This is going to be standard.

      • John R

        I agree on need for retail…. even just a modest corner spot wrapping FPP and Vandy would be a big boost. My desired spot for Kaldi’s actually would be right across the street from the roasting facility…. new construction where that vacant lot with the ugly billboards are located; its right off the Vandeventer exit for 64/40, so its a great location for retail and would get rid of some blight.

  • Paul Hohmann

    Well that went from pretty decent to crap awfully fast. Next revision: cardboard.

    • moe

      Have to agree…..now it’ll blend in with everything else. I’ll take fries with that order please.

    • http://www.preservationresearch.com Michael R. Allen

      Usually renderings cover over bad buildings with great drawings (that can fool bankers and alderpersons), but these revisions are painfully honest.

  • Adam

    disappointing. this place will look like crap in 10-15 years.

    • Adam

      to clarify, i’m fine with the aesthetic but the materials are substandard.

  • Alex Ihnen

    This provides an interesting point from which to consider project subsidies. Would it be worth tax abatement on this project to have a couple stories of it wrapped in brick and stone?

  • matimal

    What’s a “full Hardie Board façade”?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Hardie Board is a fiber cement siding product: http://www.jameshardie.com/main.shtml

      • matimal

        The stuff you put on the wall before you put up tile? Really? That’s legal? It’ll be hideous.

        • Mike F

          Yes, there are products which are used to back tile, hence ‘backerboard’. However, my guess (and only a guess) is that the concrete/fiber mix for exterior decorative finishing board is a finer texture, whereas the backerboard has a rougher finish, to encourage adhesion of the tile.

  • JCougar

    I’m fine with the peaked roof and even the brick, but the Hardie Board will make this thing look like it belongs in a McCommunity built on the outskirts of Olathe, KS.

  • Presbyterian

    I think the new design is an improvement. I realize people in the US complain about fiber cement board, but I’m not convinced the criticisms are always justified. (If cost were the only driver, they’d go with vinyl.)

    Cement panels are a very common construction finish in western Europe. Look at new construction in Amsterdam or Copenhagen or Stockholm. That’s not plaster.

    It’ll match the Ikea. A Swede will just think he’s at home.

    • Alex Ihnen

      This is Hardie Board – I believe. If done well, it lasts decades and stays looking nice.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Here’s an example of more colorful Hardie Board (at least I think it is):

      • Presbyterian

        You should take a look at the Hardie Europe website. Europeans have been working with this stuff longer than we have and know how to do it right. http://www.jameshardieeu.com/

        • Presbyterian

          Try the France option.

  • Imran

    To use a phrase that increasingly comes in handy at such times,
    Its better than the Aventura.
    Though I do wish they would avoid the blank wall area facing Vandeventer. How about a couple of fake windows even?