City of St. Louis on Pace for 112 Homicides in 2013

STL City homicides 2013 Jan-Oct

The number of homicides in the City of St. Louis jumped this past month to 13 for October, according the crime statistics posted by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Midway through the year, the city was on pace for 98 homicides for 2013. That has crept up to a predicted 112 after 10 months. Last decade the city lost an average of 2,890 residents each year. The feeling, the hope, is that this trend has reversed and the city is growing again, but we won't know for sure until the 2020 Census (prior to the last Census, annual updates estimated the city had grown by several thousand in the 2000's). Decade over decade the rate of population loss has decreased, and if that trend continued, the city was perhaps losing only a few hundred residents per year as the last decade ended. This matters because residents are the denominator when calculating the homicide rate. That rate has fallen significantly since 2008 and is near where it was at the beginning of the last decade. Either way, anything short of a big influx of people would keep the homicide rate effectively flat this year. If residents are still fleeing the city, the homicide rate may be set to increase.

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  • onecity

    When will you have the final 2013 homicides count up?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Good question – we’ll update this year’s count once SLMPD releases their final numbers. Should be any day.

  • Austin Persson

    In researching these stats, was there any identifiable trend of higher homicide rates in specific months of the year? As in, are August through October particularly active months for homicides, regardless of the year?