Shriners Update $47M Plan for Frontenac to St. Louis City Move, Groundbreaking March 10

Shriners - CWE, City of St. Louis
{the new Shriners looking east from Highway 40/I-64 at Taylor Avenue}

The newly envisioned three-story, $47M Shriners Hospital will have a significant presence from Highway 40. Half a century after fleeing the city for the suburb of Frontenac, the hospital is moving to a new location on the city's largest medical campus, and just a block from its historic home. Located just east of Taylor on Clayton Avenue, the facility will be built on a surface parking lot.

The planned move was first made public in 2006, but the Shriners organization endowment, used to fund its hospitals nationwide, took a significant hit in the economic downtown. Today's project is much smaller than what was once envisioned. The project is set back from Clayton Avenue, instead opting to create a dominant visual presence next to the adjacent Interstate. Much of the exisiting surface parking remains. It's unclear if there is a long term need for the lot, or whether future development may occur here.

Shriners - CWE, City of St. Louis
{view looking southwest from Clayton Avenue at Newstead}

Shriners - CWE, City of St. Louis
{looking southeast from Clayton Avenue}

Shriners - CWE, City of St. Louis
{looking southwest at entrance}

Shriners - CWE, City of St. Louis
{visitors will be greated by an awning supported by a fez!}

Shriners approx site plan
{approximate site for new Shriners building in red}

The previous plan for the Shriners facility was larger, but arguaby less attractive:

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The first Shriners opened in the city in 1924, moving to Frontenac in 1963.

{detail of original Shriners building – still standing at Euclid and Clayton Avenue}

{Shriners Hospital, 1924 – still standing at Euclid and Clayton Avenue}

{Shriners Hospital in Frontenac, 1963}

Floorplans for new CWE facility:

Shriners CWE - floorplan

Shriners CWE - floorplan

Shriners CWE - floorplan

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  • John R

    Too bad it looks like there will still be substantial billboard clutter along I-64 after all is said and done. One has gone down for the new Boyle on-ramp but it looks like the rest will have survived the substantial development of the new Tower Grove off ramp/roundabout, Aventura apartments and Shriner’s Hospital. That’s a total of 7 between Boyle and Taylor if anyone’s counting!

  • T-Leb

    My old neighbor in South StL, Mr. Shank, was a Shriner.

  • Will Fru

    Still standing at Euclid & Clayton? Is it the CID building?

    • Will Fru

      Scratch that. I see now it’s the building on the northeast corner.

      • Alex Ihnen

        Yes, and slated for demo (as is the oldest part of the CID), as prescribed in a public development plan released in 2007 by WU/BJC.