How Much is the NFL Worth to Small Market Cities?

Rams_small market_big burden

The image above ran in the Wall Street Journal story, St. Louis's Dome Dilemma: Taxpayers Face a Big Bill for Upgrades Needed to Keep NFL's Rams in Town. The St. Louis Convention and Visitor's Commission presented their plan to provide $60M in funding to upgrade the stadium to the Rams February 1, 2012. The Rams must respond by March 1, 2012 and will either accept the CVC's proposal or offer their own. Check back here Thursday for more on the next step in the effort to keep the Rams in St. Louis.

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  • MiguelTejada82

    Where’s Chicago on this map?  The new Soldier Field was built in 2001 I think?  I would have them as in the top 8 markets for sure. 

  • Walker Hamilton

    Can St. Louis give other local teams access to use the Edward Jones Dome? It might do a bit more for the community, then.

    • ch1nish

      GET RID OF IT!  St. Louis, and Missouri do not need football, or baseball teams.  St. Louis isn’t a real metropolis city like Philadelphia

    • billstreeter

      Only durring the NFL off season. For 6 months of the year the dome can only be used for NFL events, about 9 games per year.

  • TLJ

    Follow Seattle’s lead and wave goodbye to the team with unreasonable stadium (or arena) demands.

  • JAE

    Stop the public subsidies. All the circles should be green: if the Rams want a different stadium, they can pay for it.

  • Benya31

    Let them go! Give us MLS and a liveable city!