Friday Live Chat

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live chat

It’s back, the Friday Live Chat. You know what to do – just use the comments section below. We’re in from 2:00 to 3:00 PM today. See you in the comments below:

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  • Jakeb

    I’m not optimistic about the future of this site.

    • Nick

      There appears to be no one at the wheel since Alex announced he’s leaving StL.

      • Alex Ihnen

        I’m still here, though the transition for me hasn’t been easy. We’re still on track with plans for a new publisher, but it seems things always take longer than hoped!

  • faithful viewer

    I hope the city/county does consolidate. We need to move ahead toward the future, how can we do that if we keep standing divided? United we stand right? Different areas are fighting over business and tax money, but if we were united we’d all benefit. Something else I wish we had is commuter rail service, some people want to live in way-out and dont want to have that drive in, a commuter rail would help drive in people to our urban core to work and play. Who would want to make a 45min – 1 1/2 hrs drive to play or dine when you drive that m-f getting to work? if we had the commuter rail lines, end cities could be columbia, rolla, jeff city, washington, greenville, etc. Look at larger cities commuter rail service and see how it helps them, we need to bring people in but most people will not live in the centers, Lots will but whats 30k who will among 2 million who wont? we need to have something that will drive them back in during non working hours, non blue-cards hours. That rail line could drive and extra 40k people a weekend who would normally never drive in outside a game or work, run those population numbers and as STL grows overtime, those lines will already be in place. As the cost of living continues to increase in the center (downtown – CWE, clayton, ladue, etc.) people will continue to push outward to get that dream home (whatever that is).

  • I read that Better Together is drafting a City / County cooperation/consolidation plan. Any idea on what this Rex Singuefield funded group will recommend? Since Rex funds most of MOLEG, and the current MOLEG is not shy about forcing their will on the region, do we think the state will force some kind of consolidation? Where does Greitens stand?

  • Speaking of Kiener Plaza, can we get Interpark to make one of their two garages along Kiener swap the exits on Chestnut for an Entrance which are currently all on the other side of the garages on Pine. When I was down there, street parking was full and families from out-of-town were circling Kiener looking for parking, but the garages all say EXIT ONLY. Also, I’d like the City to no longer allow right turn on red from Chestnut to Broadway and Market to 4th street so visitors crossing in the middle of the block to go to or from the Old Courthouse when the light changes aren’t surprised by cars making that right turn on red. Why not keep the block clear for pedestrians?

  • I see on the Arch Cam for Kiener Plaza that food trucks are lining the plaza for today’s Taste of Downtown St. Louis. Looks like tents set up too. Nice use for this space.

  • Tim E

    New guy definitely got some work to catch up or. Biz Journals just posted three online articles/updates on developments. Including one on One Hundred residential tower.

    Plug NGIA is throttling ahead and getting into the know will be a big plus. That is a $1.6 billion development for North St. Louis/City

    • Alex Ihnen

      Sorry guys – transition is still in the works. Stay tuned…

  • TimJim

    I hope the site will improve. But I must say I’m still annoyed that Alex solicited money without telling readers he was leaving town. I contributed a little, and hope the quality will return.

  • faithful viewer

    will the new guy create more post? the site is boring now

    • SmokingBlunts

      St. Louis can be boring too. The new guy will eventually show up. I’m confident that Jason will do a great job. I think that is his name. Peace out.

    • jhoff1257

      I’ve been following this site for years and this is not the first time its gotten quiet like this. Generally the big stories here are picked up by other outlets, and I’m not seeing much elsewhere either. And honestly, the long time owner and administrator of this site just moved to a new city and started a new job. That’s a major life change that is most definitely going to affect the site at first. Give it some time man.

      • Alex Ihnen

        True, true. Love that people are impatient for news and for this site to continue to be a good source of info. We’ll get there.

    • STL Now

      Agreed. This website has gotten very “static” with no fresh news lately. Even my question from last Friday’s “Live Chat” remains unanswered.

      If there is a hiatus on new posts, please simply post a brief update noting the transition of website management. Considering all of the development news in St. Louis recently, I would think that more upcoming news is percolating and ripe for “scoop” by via this website.

  • STL Now

    What exciting developments are on the horizon that we haven’t heard about yet? What can you share? Can we expect any major announcements soon?

    • Alex Ihnen

      I think there will be some shuffling soon on the all the announced Downtown and Grand Center projects. They aren’t all moving forward, but which ones developers stick with will be interesting!

  • SnakePlissken

    What will be the driver of STL’s next population boom? My guess is climate refugees seeking a region with an abundance of clean water.

    • Framer

      I’ve always been disappointed that our water resources haven’t been promoted more. We’ve got more than we know what to do with, and yet places in the dessert are booming. Makes no sense.

      • Tim E

        I do think investment in GRG, trail system, is a quality of life issue that embraces region’s unique water resources and finally understood by most in the region to be a good thing. Now if region can go big from restoring River Des Peres and thinking of expanding the flood plain again/reserve some of the bad levee decisions.
        See the trail system only getting better. See continue finger pointing & bad levee building decisions between communities every time heavy rains engulf southern Missouri

    • Tim E

      I want to say at some point oil price will drive household transportation costs such that it equates to a much higher percentage of income forcing a reduction in automobile use & increase in density as you seen in St. Louis past history. However, I think battery technology and share ride/self driving cars will win that race. In other words, the convenience of a car (even though you might not necessarily own one) will be cheaper as a percentage of household income as ever in foreseeable future thus always supporting or at least maintaining sprawl…the only outlier is taxes remain same & no expansion of road system to at least keep a check on more sprawl.

      A better bet in my mind, west and east coast cost of living becomes so high & appeal of Southeast/Sun Belt loses appeal (think Atlanta traffic) that at some point pendulum will favor major job migration back into the Midwest. Maybe not HQ’s but can easily see a Wells Fargo ask itself why do we need a large number of jobs in San Fran.

      So for me it is more about who is ready to make affordable living argument and can convince companies to move to their city instead of next door.. But even that might be wishful thinking when someone like Google is planning a huge complex in downtown San Jose to support 20,000 jobs yet it is one of the most expensive places to live in. So for St Louis sake, I’m hoping new NGA facility, CORTEX and BioAG can at least convince some additional job moves to St Louis.

  • RJ

    Two questions. How come there is no water at Milles Fountain? Are there any future plans for the north/south overlooks at the Jefferson National Memorial renovation/expansion? I can’t believe we paid $380 million for this project and so many prominent people overlooked (no pun intended) those two horrible looking sites?

    • Alex Ihnen

      1) Dunno. Guessing it’s being prepped to open, perhaps some small repairs. Have heard nothing out of the ordinary.

      2) No, very sadly. The design competition teams came up with some great ideas for these areas. Like other great design elements, they were stripped out of the final project.