Friday Live Chat

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live chat

It’s back, the Friday Live Chat. You know what to do – just use the comments section below. We’re in and out today, so hang out below:

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  • Nick

    Any updates on either Great Rivers Greenway expansion plans near Cortex, or Trailnet’s various bike path plans throughout StL?

    • Alex Ihnen

      I wish. The Cortex/City Foundry/MetroLink Station greenway is happening, but I’ve seen nothing new. Trailnet’s effort is getting started and will see a lot of work done on the organization/partnership side this year.

  • HootyWho?

    Any word on the International Shoe Co building hotel?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Nothing new, nothing negative.

  • SouthCityJR

    About a year ago we heard about a potential industrial development east of Soulard from Stacy Hastie. Any idea if that is progressing?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Haven’t heard. That’s a weird one.

  • Rob

    Haven’t heard anything about 100 N Kinshighway since the renderings were released. Did this project flat-line after a little bit of criticism or does it still have life?

    • Michael B

      It’s still going from what I’ve heard. Alex might be able to provide more specifics, but it’s not dead.

      • Alex Ihnen

        It’s moving ahead. It’s a big project and will take time, but it’s coming.

  • Adam

    Alex, you recently alluded to some sort of project on the old National site at S. Grand and Chippewa. Any additional information on that? Is it something to potentially get excited about? That stretch of Grand really needs some resuscitating.

    • Alex Ihnen

      I did? That section of Grand is really unfortunate. Rumors come and go, but I do hope to have something to share soon.

      • STLrainbow

        iirc it was reported somewhere not long ago that a Dollar Store was in the works… unclear if plan is for demo w/ new construction or renovation of the existing space. (seems unlikely though that a Dollar wouldn’t take up all that space.)

        • Alex Ihnen

          Ah – that’s an outlet Desco sold off. The vast majority of the parcel, including the vacant grocery, awaits reuse.

          • STLrainbow

            ah, that makes sense. (I also meant to say it seems unlikely a dollar store would take up the whole space of the old grocery building)

  • TimJim

    I heard rumors a while back about Trader Joe’s coming to UCity near the corner of Delmar and Old Bonhomme. Was that ever real and is it still?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Never head that one. Seems…possible?

  • Tim E

    Alex, Koman has seemed to position themselves well within Cupples and CORTEX for a tenant who might want new Class A office space within the city for which Square seems to be looking at. Any thoughts on how soon we might or might not hear something new on either Cupples X coming back to life and or a new Koman CORTEX space?

    • Alex Ihnen

      It’s good question. We need companies willing to pay for new construction and not wanting to be an historic rehab space (to state the obvious). We’re not there yet for these two sites, but Koman is confident it will be soon.

      • Tim E

        City in tough spot. City needs new Class A to competitive IMO and at same time because their is so much space available and rates that don’t support new construction that any new construction even with all the incentives requires a company on some level willing to pay the premium.

        On another topic but related to Square. Would love them to take over and consolidated into the Railway Exchange building in time. Maybe even add their own server farm to take up square footage, pun intended. Slowly but surely getting 100 to 200 t0 300 jobs here and there downtown as you see with Nestle and the marketing firm expanded on the Landing will help downtown immensely as well as support projects as Jeff Arms & Chemical building or new hotel at BPV, etc.. Think CORTEX is fine and will continue to do good with or without Square.

        • Alex Ihnen

          I think Square will end up downtown and not in Cortex or elsewhere.

  • Ben Harvey

    What is your personal STL development pipe dream? Mine is to rebuild our old French Quarter between DT and Soulard

    • citylover

      Yes! Mutual feels. I dream of reincorporating the French language as well. Would be awesome if businesses, schools were to encourage French culture and language since it’s such a big part of our founding.

      Tbh, I think it’s very possible. Just needs to be marketed correctly and neighborhoods/ leaders would really have to commit to designing a true bilingual atmosphere

    • Alex Ihnen

      Preserve Dutchtown/Gravois Park/Marine Villa/Mt. Pleasant/etc. It would be a massive victory to keep much of what we currently have. We’re losing a lot of it and will continue to do so on the current trajectory.

      • Nick

        Really? I figured this area was doing halfway decent (at least relative to other parts of the city) , at least as far as not tearing down buildings is concerned. Any specific examples of things being lost in the area that come to mind?

        • Alex Ihnen

          It is large in-tact, but there’s increasing vacancy, quite a few buildings that should come down, and more that will be lost. 🙁

    • MRNHS

      I have several:

      Full neighborhood build out of the Landing between the MLK Bridge and Stan Span.

      7th gets a road diet and Soulard expands eastward in Kosciusko (with its own distinct neighborhood feel)

      Strip of Ivanhoe by Farmhaus becomes more like the Macklind BD

      The Macklind BD extends further in each direction

      The Lemp Brewery grounds get completely redone (likely the hardest of all of these)

      But probably the one I think would be the most beneficial (therefore my biggest pipe dream) would be if we started seeing new construction between 40, Wash, Tucker, and Arch Grounds, especially office space and residential. Fill in all the surface lots, doesn’t have to be towers, 5-10 stories max. If that part of downtown can become a 24/7 neighborhood, I think the entire metro area benefits.

    • snakeplissken

      Agree with everything below but I’d add 4-6 mid rise condo developments in Grand Center/midtown. Plenty of land and parking lots to make it happen. Many assets in the area (Jazz at the Bistro, Symphony) need young blood and asap. You’d be surprised how many young people do not attend nor have ever been to Jazz at the Bistro. It’s shameful.

    • Nick

      developing Chouteau’s Landing would be a good start for this

      • Ben Harvey

        Yes! I would start by returning Broadway and 4th street to two way and adding a divided bike lane connecting DT to Soulard

  • Don

    I’ve heard rumors in the neighborhood that a Walgreen’s is going into Citizen Park. I can’t find any news on this via Google. Alex, have you heard anything? Is this something everyone knows and I’ve just missed it?

    A “Corner W” concept Walgreen’s would work well in that space I think. Based upon the doors, it looks like they have sized the western most retail space as larger than the other spaces.

    • Alex Ihnen

      Did hear that, but can’t confirm. Seems like a good fit for the CWE.

  • Alex P

    So out of curiosity, will the website see a post-kickstarter redesign? I assume the new logo is coming but will there be other layout changes?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Yes – it’s in the works. Turns out that Kickstarters are a lot of work! (Yes, I more/less knew this going in.) I’m knocking out as much as I can as quickly as I can. Rewards to shipping, T-shirts have been ordered, etc. Look for site design and logo changes within a month.