Friday Live Chat

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live chat

It’s back, the Friday Live Chat. You know what to do – just use the comments section below. We’re open from 2-3pm today:

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  • Other

    Can anyone name some LGBT establishments in the St. Louis area and give a brief description (if possible)? Are there any notable up and coming LGBT establishments?

    • citylover

      There is the Spot which is a youth center for teens-24 year olds needing free testing, counseling. It also engages in the community to get young gay people connected. Facebook page called Mpower Stl

      I know the Post Dispatch did an article on a new LGBT center. Not sure where it is, but it’s supposed to be a safe place for all.

      There is Effort for Aids, but I am not exactly sure if they just do testing or…You’ll have to look that one up.

      There’s a plethora of institutions and bars in the Grove (Rehab, Just John’s, JJ’s, Attitudes re-opening) and also on South Grand.

      • Other

        Thanks citylover. Just what I was looking for.

  • Andy

    What other financing options could be provided by the city for a soccer stadium in which SC STL retains ownership? (Not that it has a chance this go around)

  • SnakePlissken

    Last one, where have all the cowboys gone?

    • Adam

      West County? St. Charles?

    • Alex Ihnen

      Cowboy flight has been a real issue in St. Louis. I think they followed a similar route to others: Old North/Hyde Park, Spanish Lake, Creve Coeur, St. Charles…

  • SnakePlissken

    Any ward races you find intriguing or that we should be paying attention to?

  • SnakePlissken

    What are your top 5 or 10 favorite books on urban planning and/or architecture?

  • Alex P

    Do we know when Kiener is expected to be completed? Arch grounds are supposed to be all wrapped up by June???
    Do we think we’ll see a visible difference in foot traffic downtown after this is done? Last I saw (in a discussion about Cementland, I believe) Arch renovations are supposed to draw an additional 1M visitors a year or something?

  • Nick

    I’ve seen a few of the mayoral candidates say that they don’t support public funding for new stadiums but that they do support public funds for fixing up existing stadiums, i.e. Scottrade and the Dome. I find it interesting that they draw such a clear line between the two categories. Do you have any thoughts on new vs existing stadium investments and whether they should be treated differently from each other?

    I know a lot of this is campaign rhetoric and cannot be taken at face value. Indeed, several candidates who say they are opposed to new stadiums voted in favor of the NFL stadium not so long ago.

    From my perspective, it seems hypocritical to say no new stadium is acceptable while all the existing ones are still on the table. To me it would make sense to treat each proposal individually and evaluate it based on its merits. I’m not an expert to be sure, but the funding for both the soccer stadium and the Scottrade improvements seem questionable. Both should be called out as such by our city leaders, not just the flashy new one.

    • Alex Ihnen

      The easy distinction is the argument that even if the city can own or support two stadiums, three is too many. There are significant sunk costs in Scottrade and the dome. Both are assets currently being used and producing income. Walking away from those are more difficult than not approving a new stadium.

      That said, candidates offer clear statements because a nuanced argument for how much or what type of stadium funding doesn’t play well during an election. I’d bet the truth is that every candidate would happily support some support for an MLS stadium, but that the amount and mechanisms may vary.

  • Chris Stritzel

    What are the chances of the Stadium funding bill ever being passed for the MLS Team that we hope to get? Right now, it doesn’t look good.

    • Alex Ihnen

      I’d bet against the current bill/effort, but am ~50/50 on whether a new plan emerges and is ultimately successful.

      • David

        Why 50/50? Assume MLS will move the deadline? Is the St. Louis market really that attractive compared to others? Seems if deadlines stick this one is done and we may have blown it on a mediocre bill that no one proposed an alternative to or attempted to amend. Assuming they can get voter support and figure out the state money for the land issue.

        • Frank Absher

          Yesterday the city budget director admitted a huge ($20M) deficit for this year. Yet our so-called leaders had no qualms about committing the city to an agreement cutting tax revenue from the Blues or spending dollars we don’t have for a new football stadium while still paying off big bucks for the so-called studies needed for a new football stadium.
          I am not anti-development, but this sort of irresponsibility just makes no sense to me. And it sort of douses any glowing embers for future development projects needing public approval.