Purchase Peter Rush Sketch Prints

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You missed the Peter Rush St. Louis sketch art sale, didn’t you? Maybe you arrived 10 minutes after it opened only to discover the sketch you coveted was sold nine minutes ago. Well, we’re here to help and are thrilled to be able to offer prints of three of Peter’s sketches!

When I first viewed Peter’s St. Louis work, I was mesmerized. There’s something special about seeing our city through the eyes of others. This is especially true when presented by a talented artist. You can read more about Peter and his St. Louis travels and work here:

An Australian Architect’s Incredible Sketches of St. Louis
Fox2Now Features Sketch Artist Peter Rush, October 7 Art Sale


  • Prints made from professional high-resolution copy of each sketch
  • Printed on 20×16 Premium Matte #80 Cover paper stock with a UV coating
  • Prints are in stock and mailed within three business days
  • Prints are unframed and rolled for delivery via USPS (S&H included in price)
  • Separate orders from same purchaser will be combined in one shipment

Buy All Three for $135

[stripe description=”Peter Rush Prints – All 3″ amount=”13500″ billing=”true” shipping=”true” image_url=”https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Peter-Rush_wall_template-e1481230013664.png” success_redirect_url=”https://nextstl.com/print-thanks/” payment_button_label=”Buy All Three”]

Print #1 / Olive Street / $50

peter-rush_image-1_print-frame-wood[stripe description=”Peter Rush Print 1″ amount=”5000″ billing=”true” shipping=”true” image_url=”https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Peter-Rush_image-1_print-frame-wood-819×1024.jpg” success_redirect_url=”https://nextstl.com/print-thanks/” payment_button_label=”Buy #1″]

Print #2 / Eads Bridge / $50

peter-rush_image-2_print-frame-wood[stripe description=”Peter Rush Print 2″ amount=”5000″ billing=”true” shipping=”true” image_url=”https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Peter-Rush_image-2_print-frame-wood-1024×819.jpg” success_redirect_url=”https://nextstl.com/print-thanks/” payment_button_label=”Buy #2″]

Print #3 / Washington Avenue / $50

peter-rush_image-3_print-frame-wood[stripe description=”Peter Rush Print 3″ amount=”5000″ billing=”true” shipping=”true” image_url=”https://nextstl.com/wp-content/uploads/Peter-Rush_image-3_print-frame-wood-1024×819.jpg” success_redirect_url=”https://nextstl.com/print-thanks/” payment_button_label=”Buy #3″]

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